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November: Note from Chris Kajo

Chris Kajo at the farmers market, Kilimambogo.
16 marras 2012

Here is a note from Chris Kajo (in the photo below), the Coordinator from Kafoma Okoa Cooperative, and Chair to the Coop Kenya – Steering Committee. The photo was taken during a meeting in Thika, November 10-12, 2012.

Chris Kajo at the farmers market, Kilimambogo.

“Hi all, I arrived safely from our Thika meeting and I hope you too.I must say this was a meeting full of activities. The Shalin Hub farmers market exhibitions, KARIMA products gave an insight of their region and more yet to come, thanks Basilus. KAFOMA products showing by George also showed variety of local foodstuffs and non-foodstuffs. I have to urge the entire coop-members to develop regional product centres both at local coop level and COOP-kenya level. This could later be interesting to the people working in different areas to see their home product in other provinces or counties. I had interesting moments when vermi-compost was being filled with the worms. I have found a few worms in my cow-shed, I have already started a small multiplying unit and I hope to be a vermi -compost technician in a short while, small quantities at ksh2000. The farmers market in the ukambani region by SACDEP was great, thanks to Kennedy and the SACDEP staff. Pollination and the pollinators as emphasized, should be part of our agenda and especially the beekeepers. Please collect enough data from your region to be documented, Joni and Mari have also indicated the importance of Data collection. This will help Coop-Kenya be equipped with ready information on products that can be put forward for value addition and marketing. Thanks Peter, ‘No SLEEPING to drive home the concept of Coop-Kenya Share holding’. I have taken a few hours to look at the logic, quite logical, you only commit where you have deposited your value. I am convinced but other members need to understand this as well When working with professional institutions, you slowly become professional, let us all embrace this. Joni and Peter are doing something, what are you doing now? I am preparing to give some dates after consultation for the next meetings. Thanks Chris Kajo”


Peter Kuria


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