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SkillsFAST: Solar Water Heating Training in Uganda

SkillsFAST: Solar Water Heating Training in Uganda
27 jun 2014


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Aug 1,2014 - Aug 27,2014    Time: 6:00 am - 6:00 am

***Minimum number of students per class 18 ***Cost of the course for 18 students (Includes, tuition accommodation and meals) *** 12 positions have already been booked by students from Kenya and Tanzania.  Only 6 slots remaining. Total Cost per Student: 500 euro (full board and transport). Description of the course Solar water heater (SWH) is a short vocational training course that lasts 26 days. It comprises two parts: a) the theoretical, and b) practical training of skills. Students will become SWH technicians. The theoretical part of the course contains relevant ideas, and scientific approach to understanding how thermal solar systems work and the approach to relate theory with the local energy needs for commerce and on individual level. The program is designed to respond to societal needs and challenges. The theory covers 25% of the training programme. The practical part of the course consists of hands-on approach. Students engage in building of SWH systems using locally purchased material. The training provides an authentic learning environment that encourages students to be creative and explore SWH solutions that can serve specific needs.  The practical part covers 75% of the training programme. Objective of the course ·     Provide training of skills and competences in SWH installations, site evaluations, material estimates, system performance measurements, maintenance and repair

  • To provide experience that enhances good working practices
  • To promote creativity and local solutions
  • Work within a country’s legal framework as employee or entrepreneur
  • Work in partnership with customers and other professionals
  • To promote the use of renewable energy technology
Potential careers after attaining SWH skills ·      SWH technician, ·      Welder and artisan ·      Carpenter assistant Admission Target group is youth and adults with an education background of at least the ordinary level secondary school (10 - 12 years in school) depending on the part of East Africa students are  from. The language of instruction is English however Swahili speaking students without a comfortable command of the English language will be supported with instructional translations to explain and demonstrate some parts of the course in Swahili but the reading material will be in English. Participants should have knowledge in the following: -      O’level mathematics -      English (Swahili speaking students may time to time be helped with instructional translation but reading material will be in English.) -      Basics in physics (equivalent to O’level) is necessary -      The maximum number of students is  - 18 students


Kabaka Muzaale road
Iganga, P.O.Box 238

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