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Cherangany Eco Lodge

Cherangany Eco Lodge
29 Aug 2014


In West Pokot county, near the border between Kenya and Uganda, you’ll find the idyllic Cherangany Hills.

The hills are home to the Cherangany community, which has set up the Cherangany Eco Lodge for the benefit of both local and foreign guests. The lodge allows for guests to experience an enjoyable holiday in a uniquely beautiful landscape.

The purpose of the Cherangany Eco Lodge is to improve the livelihood and socio-economic conditions of the local community as well as promote the Cherangany community’s rich culture and traditional values.


The eco tourism potential of the Cherangany Hills was first conceptualized in 2006 by a local Non-Governmental Organization, which went on to make a business plan in March 2011 to initiate construction of the Cherangany Eco Lodge in cooperation with Shalin Finland Ry. The eco lodge has since hosted two international conferences, in 2013 and 2014. It has also hosted the Finnish university students who were involved in developing the concept of the eco lodge.


The eco lodge allows for guests to have an exotic and peaceful experience. The lodge has been built with eco-friendly material and it is powered by renewable energy harvested from solar and wind power. There are a total of 16 huts within the lodge, each with two beds. In addition, there is a camping area for visitors who wish to stay in tents.

Delicious local cuisine is prepared for the guests from organic ingredients, most of which are locally grown. During the meals you may enjoy the panoramic view of the hill landscape. Guests also have the opportunity to stay in the home of a member of the community, thereby having the chance to truly experience life as a Cherangany. The conference hall at the lodge seats up to 40 people comfortably, making the Cherangany Eco Lodge ideal for mixing business with pleasure.


The Cherangany Hills rise to a peak of 3581m, and the fresh air, forested areas and beautiful scenery make them ideal for running and jogging. Visitors at the eco lodge have the opportunity to run with some of Kenya’s famous marathon runners.

The eco lodge also offers guided walks on the many nature trails. The trails allow visitors the opportunity to spot wild animals, including the rare colobus monkey. Bird-watchers have the chance to observe some of the 73 forest-dependent bird species living in the area, including the bearded vulture, crowned eagle, and the red-chested owlet.

The Cherangany community also has a number of herbal medicine experts, who would be happy to offer their expertise on how to make herbal medicines to cure or soothe ailments such as headaches, flues and colds, or digestion and skin problems.

If you want to explore the areas surrounding the Cherangany community, make a trip to the nearby Saiwa Swamp National Park. This delightful little park offers footpaths through beautiful landscapes, as well as observation towers for a view from above.

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