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Volunteer Sri Lanka

Volunteer Sri Lanka
01 Feb 2015

Master students to conduct field research in Sri Lanka

Shalin ry  is looking for motivated and committed preferably master-level students in the fields of Geography, Forestry, Biology, Development studies or other relevant subject to conduct field research for the new MFA funded project titled “Community participation for improved forest governance in Sri Lanka”. The students’ field research will create a basis for a baseline of the project focusing on the current ecological and socio-economic conditions in the study area. The research will also serve the information needs of the preparation of participatory Forest Master Plans for selected forest areas. The proposed research areas are 1) GIS mapping, 2) biodiversity and ecosystem services and 3) livelihoods in the project sites.

The positions (6 in total) are self-financed (2000 euros for a three weeks field trip, including the flights, accommodation and meals, logistics in the field, translator and other supporting services such as introduction to locals customs as well as a guided visit to a nearby national park). The field research will ideally be conducted between the April and May 2015. 

Shalin offers:

  • Support on planning and conducting the research by the Finnish project management team;
  • Local partner in Sri Lanka supporting the actual field work and the opportunity to work with local university students;
  • All practical arrangements and facilitation in the field, such as logistics, accommodation, translation services, entry point to the research sites and research permits, etc.

Shalin appreciates:

  • Self initiative and commitment;
  • Strong technical knowledge on the selected research topic;
  • Previous experience from developing countries;
  • Flexibility and capacity to accommodate to field conditions.

The interested candidates are requested to express their interest by sending their CVs together with an academic transcript and a short motivation letter (not more than 200 words) describing their interest and suitability for the research to In the motivation letter please indicate which of the three research areas you are interested to contribute, and preferred timing of the field research.

The expressions of interest are screened on a progressive basis until the required number of students is reached. Short-listed candidates are further provided a more detailed ToR and other information for further development of a research plan. The students will also sign a contract with Shalin to clarify the responsibilities of both parties.

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