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11 Aug 2015

13 Business Incubation Experts on Agriculture from 8 African  Nations visit Finland to share on the emerging opportunities for collaboration with Finnish institutions, partners and collaborators.

HAMK university is organising an African team of experts in Agriculture and business to visit Finland from the 6th-12th of September.  The visit is fully financed by FARA/UniBRAIN.

The delegation of 13 Business Incubation experts in Finland will be composed of 9 CEOs and Managers of active incubators, and 4 CEOs and managers of African wide University Networks, focused on improving agricultural production and nutritional security and enterprise.  The networks are part of the African wide FARA/UniBRAIN and AAIN.  The Universities, Business and Research in Agricultural Innovation (UniBRAIN) and The Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA), is the apex continental organisation responsible for coordinating and advocating for agricultural research-for-development (AR4D) for African researchers.  They offer research collaboration opportunities in agriculture across 54 African Countries and in all leading African Universities.

UniBRAIN currently hosts 6 incubators in 6 African countries with 5-6 more coming on stream within the very near future.  Under UniBRAIN they have collectively commercialised over 75 Agribusiness technologies, thousands of jobs created, produced over 217 incubates.   The research networks have supported over 137 SMEs to startup and expand businesses along selected commodity value chains.  They have created business networks of about 24,000 value chain actors and engaged in agribusiness.

The countries represented in the visit to Finland Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria, Zambia, Mali, Malawi and  South Africa.  


This will be  premier event on AgriBusiness focused on Africa and Finland, it will create space for people to connect with others in the field of agribusiness.  It is an opportunity to discover and explore new business opportunities, gain new knowledge on research opportunities, and a chance to join the largest research network in Africa and learn new trends on agriculture in Africa.  FARA/UniBRAIN/AAIN offers finnish players an opportunity for co-investing and to take your business and professional interests to the next level.

During the visit, there are activities planned for Monday and Tuesday in Helsinki and the region of Hämeenlinna (Wednesday-Thursday).  The week long activities include visit to incubators, matchmaking, presentations from Incubators, African Research Networks and Finnish Actors in Agriculture. The delegates will also be involved in a mini-expo, poster presentations, panel discussion and networking.  The panel will focus on “Highlighting business and research collaboration potential between Africa Nations with Finland, the Nordic region and the world in General: The Role of Innovation in Agriculture”.

To receive further details about this event, the incubators and bios of the delegates please register for the event following this link:

For more details: Helsinki events contact: Peter Kuria 040 768 3440  Hämeenlinna region: 

Organised by

Häme University of Applied Sciences and FARA/UniBRAIN


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Profiles of the Delegates

Profiles of the Incubators and Networks


Peter Kuria


  1. My organist works with 200 small scale farmers in the Mount Kenya region.

    MOOF.AFRICA ( Mount Kenya Organic Farming), NGO, works with a network of smallholder farmers to promote Agribusiness through Pemaculture and Organic Farming technologies in the Mount Kenya region.

    Currently we are engaged in production and processing of high value crops namely Rose Geranium and German Chamomile, coming soon is Hibiscus and Honey. This is carried out not purely as a monoculture but in polyculture sustainable systems.

    I was wondering if there could be some links or partnership with the Finish Agribusiness Universities and Agribusiness Practitioners for collaboration with FARA/UniBRAIN/AAIN.

    Hopefully some of our staff and farmers can also participate in the Finland -Africa tours and visits to meet other Agribusiness practitioners in Finland for more skills and knowledge.

    • You are welcome. However, the FARA team is covering their own travel to the event. If you are able to please do write to us and we will send you an invitation letter. Meanwhile you can put your data on this site here you can likely find similar partnerships/partners

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