Shalin 2015


  1. My organist works with 200 small scale farmers in the Mount Kenya region.

    MOOF.AFRICA ( Mount Kenya Organic Farming), NGO, works with a network of smallholder farmers to promote Agribusiness through Pemaculture and Organic Farming technologies in the Mount Kenya region.

    Currently we are engaged in production and processing of high value crops namely Rose Geranium and German Chamomile, coming soon is Hibiscus and Honey. This is carried out not purely as a monoculture but in polyculture sustainable systems.

    I was wondering if there could be some links or partnership with the Finish Agribusiness Universities and Agribusiness Practitioners for collaboration with FARA/UniBRAIN/AAIN.

    Hopefully some of our staff and farmers can also participate in the Finland -Africa tours and visits to meet other Agribusiness practitioners in Finland for more skills and knowledge.

    • You are welcome. However, the FARA team is covering their own travel to the event. If you are able to please do write to us and we will send you an invitation letter. Meanwhile you can put your data on this site here you can likely find similar partnerships/partners


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