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Agribusiness modelling in Africa

Agribusiness modelling in Africa
05 Oct 2015

It has been a hectic week in Nairobi, Kenya. We attended African Agribusiness Incubator Conference which gathered together organizations, farmers, institutions, research institutes and universities as well as private sector represents. They were there to discuss, innovate and network to create new scenarios for the agribusiness of Africa. Even though we knew already that agriculture is the most important sector in the economy of the majority of African countries, it was surprising to find out the extent of it. Approximately 80 % of Africans depend on agriculture for their livelihood and it provides over 60 % of employment. There are major challenges for the sector, for example climate change and making agriculture attractive for the youth, but Africa also has a huge potential. The conference was to catalyse sustainable transformation of Africa’s agriculture.


Apart from networking we took notes from the panels and presentations, in order to summarize the key elements of these discussions. Indeed, the objective of this three days conference has been stated from the beginning: overpass the declaration, step to agree on statements and practical commitments. The incubators models focus on supporting and building capacities for people willing to launch an agribusiness.


It was impressive to meet all these people determined to go through actions, with numerous and innovative ideas.




I am Elsa Guéneau, from France. After having studied history and political sciences, I am concluding my Professional Master’s Degree in International Humanitarian Action & NGOs with this internship at Shalin. I am actually interested in capacity building projects, in particular about natural resources management and sustainable agriculture. I am currently in Tanzania to support the SkillsFAST project within Vikuruti Farm, especially through the development of a business plan exploring various possibilities and the coordination between the various partners. This is a great opportunity to understand and take part in a real project implementation process and thus increasing my professional skills on managing it in the reality of the field, improving my technical knowledge about environmental, economic and social sustainability in agriculture, as well as it is a significant inspiring and humane adventure.

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