Shalin 2015


Agribusiness modelling in Africa

It has been a hectic week in Nairobi, Kenya. We attended African Agribusiness Incubator Conference which gathered together organizations, farmers, institutions, research institutes and universities as well as private sector represents. They were there to discuss, innovate and network to create new scenarios for the agribusiness of Africa. Even though we knew already that agriculture is the most important sector in the economy of the...

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Agribusiness modelling in Africa

Pathways to Sustainable Development? – Storyboard

Pathways to Sustainable Development? From CBOs or NGOs to Cooperatives Please, download presentations here: Pathways to Sustainable Development? Shalin, Jan 4, 2013 (Storyboard) Key Findings on the Comparative Evaluation on Kenya Projects (Senja Väätäinen) Designing an Eco-Lodge in Cherangani Hills (Marco Casagrande) The event was held January 4, 2013 at 14-17 in Eurooppasali, Malminkatu 16 in Helsinki.

Pathways to Sustainable Development? 4.1.2013 klo 14

Pathways to Sustainable Development? From CBOs to Cooperatives How do you work with different players to achieve efficiency in the working of projects, build democratic institutions, and achieve sustainability? Welcome to this event where you will have updates from Kenya and contribute towards the design of the eco-lodge in Cherangani Hills in Kenya. Follow us: Your opportunities to engage: Programme 4.1.2013 Venue: Eurooppasali, Malminkatu...

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November: Note from Chris Kajo

(suomi) Here is a note from Chris Kajo (in the photo below), the Coordinator from Kafoma Okoa Cooperative, and Chair to the Coop Kenya - Steering Committee. The photo was taken during a meeting in Thika, November 10-12, 2012.

Chris Kajo at the farmers market, Kilimambogo.