Shalin 2015

Ethical Travel

The eco adventures concept has been developed to promote meaningful travel that provides deeper economic, social and environmental benefits for the local communities. The travels include a learning exchange process through working with local groups to plan, design and develop their ideas; building simple solutions in energy, wind and landscape; visiting places of interest and staying with local families.

Over the last few years, Shalin has organised similar travels to Samburu land in collaboration with Samburu Women’s Trust. The visit supported the Women’s Trust in their advocacy work against early childhood marriage.

Four other events organised by Shalin have culminated in assisting the Cheragany People develop their own eco-lodge with 16 huts powered by solar and wind energy. The support to Cheragany is geared at enhancing this indigenous group’s claim to their traditional territory. It is a resource they use to organise their own local meetings and make extra income from hosting guests.

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