Shalin 2015



Shalin organises events and activities both in Finland and abroad. The events include seminars and workshops, festivals and field excursions for specialised and targeted actions. Past events have included 

First ever BOP meeting in Kenya for Aalto University 

Students excursions in Kenya and Tanzania including Sri Lanka 

Numerous international seminars and workshops in collaboration with partners in Finland

Helsinki African Film Festival (since 2010)

HAFF offers fresh perspectives and insights into the life of the African continent and the African diaspora. From fine art to music, dance, film, story-telling and literature, we believe that art in its many expressions informs, enriches and profoundly influences societies. Exploring this creative power across Africa’s diverse countries and cultures also promotes awareness about a continent that is all too often simplified and marginalized in the mainstream media. Art in its aesthetics carries memory, dreams and hope – things that all of us share, around the world. Find out more at

We are always willing to collaborate and co-host events and provide our expertise on this.

If you want to be updated about our events- join the list below.  Use our contact form for co-hosting events