Shalin 2015

Open Volunteer/Intern Positions

Volunteer and Interns for Skills for Appropriate Sustainable Technologies (SkillsFAST- East Africa)

Shalin is looking for interns and volunteers to join the SkillsFAST project in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.  We will also be looking for volunteers to join our planned Sri Lanka project on Forest management.

SkillsFAST as a project introduces food and renewable energy systems into the syllabus and curricula of Vocational Education Centers (VTECs) in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.  This is done through practical training of people drawn mainly from the informal sector (artisans).

Despite the labour market in Africa being dominated by the informal sector; especially in manufacturing, commerce, finance and mining, and providing between 50-75% of employment and 72% of non-agricultural employment, the sector is characterized by a lack of vocational skills.  Vocational skills development is not supported by the existing education system, and the institutional and policy support is weak.

SkillsFAST has the potential to contribute towards

  1. Employment creation and being the lead economic engine
  2. Addressing poverty through creating opportunities that effectively deal with the local need of food and energy and the service sector,
  3. Avoid radicalisation of youth due to marginalisation ,
  4. Improving systems of knowledge/skills transfer between the VTECs and the informal sector and improving the curriculum taught at vocational centers.
  5. Improving the skills transfer in strategic areas of energy and food systems

Areas of Coverage

The project is being implemented in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.  The partner institutions are eSeeker (Uganda), GOIG (Tanzania), CITC and Twaweza (Kenya).

Possible Activities

Biogas building (Tanzania) (Late October/November)

Solar water heater construction and Micro-Digester Development (Uganda)

Clean Cooking Stove Development and Dry Toilet Development (Kenya)

Post Harvest – Food Systems Development (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania)

Eco-Tourism Development (Kenya)

Developing training manuals (remotely or on site)/and reviewing curriculum.

Building networks with other VTECs

Duration of Volunteerism

 3-6 Months is a preferred option however, other shorter or longer term options can be negotiated

What we Offer

Local subsistence allowance, transport, very basic accommodation and some guidance.  However, the volunteers are expected to be self-driven, adaptable and willing to learn and not to educate.  You can read more about previous volunteer positions at this page.