Shalin 2015

Volunteer in Food and Energy Systems

Check out the options to participate in the programme! Photos by: Joni Karjalainen

Come build sustainable and democratic economy in creative sectors of Energy and Food in E Africa and Asia ! Are you interested in ecosystems and development thinking and would like to build models that support forest dwelling societies and small scale farmers? Could you help develop ethical tourism, mobile apps or games – or are you looking for a suitable research opportunity in social and environmental sciences or other disciplines? Shalin Finland develops local solutions, consolidates knowledge and creates networks focused on environmental, social and economic enterprises that are designed to combat change emanating from ecological degradation. Shalin is a Finnish non-profit organisation, founded in Helsinki in 2003. In E Africa Shalin works with different partners focused on facilitating the creation of sustainable enterprises built on democratic principles. In the actual project, you will support the aspirations to set up the organisational and business structures of a local, rural cooperative, capacity development in food and energy sectors. We are looking for several types of volunteers. In addition to enthusiasm and positive spirit, many different capacities are considered valuable. Knowledge in the following or any other fitting areas could be beneficial. Organisational skills: – Keen interest in the different forms of self organising, e.g. cooperatives; interested in societal hubs that are sustainable and environmentally responsible – Interest in ecological design, ecosystem services and the commons – Innovative management of projects and enhanced people skills – Passion for different forms of exchange, economies and markets – Keen on building or supporting entrepreneurial skills to promote residential economies focused on local produce – Interest to learn the tools used by the local corporate industry as part of their social and environmental responsibility Sector-based skills: – Arts or creative arts student interested in creating unique products based on their art, culture and tradition – Knowledge in introducing unique products to users and trends analysis – Knowledge on the development of mobile apps or games, targeting a specific solution to preserve the commons and means of their exchange. The cooperative baseline is ideal and any other complementary mode of organising – Students in the hospitality industry willing to develop the local tourism/eco-tourism sector – Renewable energy wind, biogas, and biomass based fuels, including solar – Ecological farming or other ecologically sustainable ideas Research skills: – Students and researchers keen on studying different forms of societal responsibility – Social and environmental sciences such as development studies, environmental or social economics, sociology, business and management studies, marketing, agricultural and forestry studies, African studies – Research skills of your own discipline including data collection or interviews In addition, we provide you with an opportunity to engage with creative minds, aiming together for the creation of ethically responsible business. Building on existing farming and forestry activities at a very localised level, we promote the evolution of new sustainable economic models on renewable energy or value chains within the natural resources sector. Respecting the local ecosystems, the models should build resilient food systems with resistance to external economic shocks. Your working language will be English, although the most spoken language is Kiswahili (East and Central Africa).  There is no financial support, but we are able to arrange for you local accommodation and facilitate transport related to the activities. You will work in one of these places where we have our projects, Kenya, Uganda or Tanzania. We also have options for Sri Lanka. Applications with proposals on how you would engage with our activities (organizational, value chain, design, mobile app, tourism, research/thesis focus) are given priority. The length of the volunteership can be negotiated, but we hope for a minimum of two months. Send your proposal with a CV to: shalinry(at)