Shalin 2015


HAMK University of Applied Sciences (in Finnish: Hämeen ammattikorkeakoulu), is an institution of higher learning and with expertise in solutions oriented pedagody, will use its technical expertise to assist GOIG, CITC and eSeeker  to review, and where necessary upgrade the curriculum. They will also work closely with other partners in the project to develop two extra study modules. During the process, HAMK technical staff will visit the project and provide their support and capacity development. As the project evolves and grows, HAMK has already provided students to work with SkillsFAST provided them the opportunity to participate in the project activities from design stage including providing support to the actions. Other supportive institutions in the SkillsFAST network.  Renewable energy companies such as Lumivio Oy,  a Finnish SME, provides complementary support in the practical aspects of educational development and in technical aspects.