Shalin 2015


Twaweza Communications is an arts, culture and media organization, established in 2000 based in Nairobi, Kenya. Underpinned by the principle of collective and individual efficacy in driving social change, the organization’s mission is to increase public knowledge through research, training, advocacy and documentation for better health, sustainable environment, equity in gender relations, accountable leadership and people-centred governance. The organization’s vision is a “knowledgeable and free society participating in development”. Currently, Twaweza Communications is increasing knowledge among journalists about devolution, the new governance system in Kenya. In addition, as the chair of the Creative Economy Working Group, the organization is providing leadership within the civil society in the development of a creative economy policy which will provide the framework for government support for  the creative sector by linking it with job creation among the youth. Moreover, in order to increase public participation in governance, Twaweza Communications is championing the formulation of a Languages of Kenya Policy and Bill and is the main reference point within civil society for the policy.

Christian Industrial Training College Thika (CITC) was established in 1972 as a vocational center. It has undergone many phases with the height of success  realized in the mid-1990s when the college operated at full capacity in terms of students and production unit. However, the college took a downward trend from the late-1990s to almost closure in 2000 in line with the changing attitudes to VTECs in Kenya. As the VTECs regain their value in society, the strategies to recover the position in society are being employed. CITC now offers 6 vocational courses ranging from dress-making, hairdressing, ICT, business management to mechanical engineering. CITC has partnerships with governments institutions, private hospitals, including private universities. CITC’s partnership with Shalin was established in 2013 through an existing collaboration with STAMP, a social enterprise company dealing with renewable energy. CITC has hosted Shalin/HAMK volunteers/interns and involved in the co-development of a gasifier stove.