Shalin 2015


GOIG Society- GOIG in Tanzania working with vocational rehabilitation of former drug users.

(Getting Old is to Grow – Kuzeeka ni Kukua) is a non-profit organisation guided by a constitution, registered under the societies ordinance of 1954 and awarded a certificate of registration No. So. 7528 on August 8, 1991.

GOIG is a membership-based institution that qualifies to have members’ ownership. GOIG is small and dynamic society teaching handicraft skills on vocational level and producing various products to local and international markets.

During the last decades, GOIG has been supported by Finnish actors in many ways.  However, despite the support given more than a decade back, the changes in the Tanzanian society and educational system calls for a holistic development actions of GOIG in order to enable it to continue providing art and craft education from a sustainable approach.