Shalin 2015


eSeeker, an institute of vocational studies located in Iganga, Eastern Uganda, founded in 2011, is an advocacy and training center that provides vocational training, with a focus on renewable energy and research, and to integrate the use of technology and entrepreneurship in the training. eSeeker training centre operates on a national and regional scale, to connect with the challenge of climate change and sustainable growth. The education provided contributes towards carbon-resilient, economic preparedness in low-income countries – an issue which Uganda is currently designing a policy for. In addition to environmental benefits, the education provided by eSeeker addresses cross-cutting issues like energy poverty, economic empowerment through relevant skills development and promoting the status and access of women within the energy sector. The current renewable energy focus is on solar water heating; solar PV; and biogas technologies. eSeeker works to improve awareness about and the image of renewable energy and vocational training. eSeeker partners with Engineers Without Borders Sweden.