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Skills in Renewable Energy

Energy and Skills from Biogas and Wind Energy Technology 

Most of rural and urban households in use fire wood and charcoal for their daily energy production; so do the school. The high dependency on charcoal and fire wood is a great burden for the local ecosystem and its diversity. The use of firewood and open fires for cooking also present a serious health risk.

On average a Kenyan school uses as much as 17 tonnes of fire wood annually to produce energy for cooking.  Developing skills for youth to offer services on alternative and cleaner source of energy for is a viable business opportunity with huge social and environmental benefits.  This is a great opportunity that needs to be addressed from policy level to resourcing. Developing skills on RE would reduce the strain on the ecosystem and promote renewal of natural resources.

Shalin has  trained over 35 artisans on biogas and wind energy technology. Some of them has continued with the business and become trainers.

During the training over 25 biogas  units were developed in schools around Mount Kenya and Laikipia district.


Wind Energy

We have also built wind turbines in some schools while importing the skills. At least 6 wind turbines are operational including this one here at the Cherangany – eco lodge in Kenya.



Biogas unit in Tanzania: Vikuruti

Biogas Solutions