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Working towards a Sustainable Future. Networking for social-economic, environmental, economic sustainability.

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Shalin’s has developed competencies in project development and implementation in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Shalin is in the process of consolidating best practice in renewable energy specifically in biomass and general scale up of renewables, agriculture productivity and value addition (value chain management) and substantive sustainability of environmental projects. This is driven by the dynamic and evolving nature of development.

Best practice and competencies support a broader understanding of the processes that underpin societal transformation. This creates new ways of managing available resources driven by innovation and adaptiveness.

While the pedagogy of the strategic management of resources is well understood and documented, real life situations present a more nuanced, intricate and a complex process.

In recognition of this, Shalin’s work integrates a broader thinking from her members, associates and volunteers who have a passion for change and have a broader understanding of issues.  

This cadre of supporters take part in the concepts and ideas development, and in the planning and execution of activities. As an associate, you become actively involved in the organisation’s strategic growth and execution of the ideas and concepts.

You are supported by the expert board which is comprised of professionals from different backgrounds, academic interests, and with many years of experience from both the traditional and non-traditional sustainable development in practice.

Shalin is very active in organising events from seminars, workshops, to cultural events which you can play a role. HAFF -Helsinki African Film Festival, which brings new African perspectives to Cinema in Finland, is a key event which was first organised back in 2010.

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