Distribution and understanding of knowledge is a part of Shalin’s work. This cannot happen without open discussion and exchange of ideas. Shalin wants to offer possibilities for discussion in many ways.

Shalin, together with its partners, has organised and taken part in seminars, lectures and discussions about current and important topics: culture, idenitity, the management of natural resources, renewable energy, climate, and responsible business in developing countries.

HAFF – Helsinki African Film Festival

Shalin has a central role in organising the Helsinki African Film Festival. The festival with its related events brings together business, NGO, and public sector actors from African continent and Finland, and opens up unseen views to African cultures for the Finnish public.


Sustainable and User-driven Innovations in the Bottom of the Pyramid Markets – Network

Shalin Finland is part of the Aalto University Service Factory’s Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP)- cooperation network. The network supports innovative and sustainable business and provides tools for user-driven innovation. Solutions for problems posed by poverty are researched together with people and communities from low income groups. The cooperation network is funded Tekes, The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, The Ministry of Labour and Confederation of Finnish Industries EK. The network operations are developed through pilot projects. The BoP bioenergy pilot in Kenya is coordinated through Shalin Finland’s projects.

The cooperation network’s official introduction seminar was held in the Helsinki School of Economics in January 2011:

For more information on the cooperation network and BoP innovation, visit Allto university’s websites: and

Solar Flower – solar panel development

Since 2007, Shalin has worked together with Aalto University’s Sustainable Global Technologies – students to develop a solar panel using affordable and alternative materials. More information can be found on the students’ blog.

STOVE ja Terra Preta – research

Shalin also works together with Aalto University’s Department of Engineering Design and Production. At the same time Shalin supports Kenyan students possibilities to study in Finland for 6 months combined with the pyrolytic STOVE and Terra Preta research project in Kenya.


Brain Gain

The project aim is to produce educational materials to distribute knowledge on the effects of e-waste and the importance of its proper disposal. A national e-waste management centre and policy recommendations will be developed. More information on the project:



Pamoja Cleantech